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The Rules
These rules have been set, to make the Breamster.com forums a pleasant place for everyone.

Rule 1: Racism:
Racist behavior and comments that lead to discrimination or prejudice will not be tolerated under any circumstances. It will result in an automatic Ban or even a permanent expulsion without explanation.

Rule 2: Images and web-links leading to pornography: Pornography or any other form of material that may be considered improper has no place on these boards.

Rule 3: Warez / Cracks / Piracy:
Posting links or "asking" for such links to Illegal software downloads is prohibited. No Warez, No Cracks, No ĎBack-upsí.

Rule 4: Verbal Abuse:
Lighthearted swearing is perfectly fine, but language that depicts violence or hate towards a user or admin is prohibited.

Rule 5: Spamming:
Posting the same material over and over and making ignorant and pointless threads is not only pointless but also a serious offense. Please be aware and just don't do it.

Rule 6: Post Boosting:
Pointless threads or posts will be deleted.

Rule 7: Signature Rules:
Signature images are a nice way to express yourselves. But remember itís a privilege and can be taken away if you fail to comply with the rules. More details can be found here: http://www.breamster.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=9 - we reserve the right to remove any image we feel do not meet these standards.

Rule 8: Plagarism (copying others work without permission and displaying it as your own with no credit) - Self explantory - this type of behaviour is not acceptable on these boards.

Rule 9: Multiple Accounts:
Only ONE account per person. There is no point making several accounts to try and "hide" your identity, because we know who you are! If Multiple accounts are detected with an IP search, please note that all your accounts will be Banned. NOTE: if you do have existing Multiple accounts, please let the Administrators or Moderators know. We can then remove or edit these, in order to prevent un-necessary banning.

I want to change my Username? - Read here: http://www.breamster.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1173

If any of these rules are broken, then the Admins or Mods will issue you with warnings. You will be given a warning or ban depending on the severity of your actions.

If a user has been banned, it is not permissible to make another account. This will be breaking Rule 8, which will give us no choice in completely banning your IP Address from the Breamster.com Forum.